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Our Dogs

Meet our dogs!

This is where you can find information about our current breeding dogs and their personalities.

Contact us for information about health screenings and pedigrees.


Babe Ruth Vom Haus McCrarey 

Babe is named for his "lady's man" persona. He is the son of our retired Kasimira Von Felsiger Berg who is from European Imported parents of the Von Eisenhart and Felsiger Berg lines. Babe has passed all of his health clearances. JLPP free, OFA excellent hips and eyes Good elbows and heart. Babe has a stoic and protective nature while being extremely gentle with our children. His favorite thing to do is eat! He loves all treats from carrots to steak. He is always up for a walk and just loves to be near any hand willing to give a scratch behind his ears. He produces amazing puppies.


Matilda Mae Von Haus McCrarey

***We are proud to announce that Matilda Mae has just completed and passed her health screenings! JLPP free, OFA Excellent hips, Excellent elbows and Good heart.***

Matilda Is a sweet girl! She enjoys her training and playing everyday. She is a silly, goofy girl and is very good at making everyone laugh. She loves being the center of attention. With her friendly and nurturing nature we believe she will be a wonderful mom. And with her great pedigree and exceptional health we expect her to produce spectacular puppies.

If you want to be added to our list for future litters, please get in touch.

Our Dogs: Available Pets
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