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What We Offer

​What we offer with our puppies:

1. All of our puppies come with AKC Registration and come from parents who have completed Health Screenings.

2. We offer a 5 year genetic health warranty on each of our puppies (see Our Contracts Page for more info).

3. On pick up day they will be bathed, have their nails clipped and be ready to go Home.

4. Our puppies come with a bill of sale and contract, AKC registration papers, and a health certificate from our veterinarian. Each of our puppies sees our vet a minimum of two times before they leave our care.

5. Our puppies have 2 of the DHLPP shots (6wks & 8wks) and a completed course of dewormer (2wks, 4wks, 6wks & 8wks) all before they leave our care. 

6. All of our puppies are microchipped and we require new buyers to register with AKC Reunite.

7. We have our veterinarian remove tails and dewclaws at 3 to 5 days old at their first wellness check.

8. We send each puppy Home with our Signature Puppy Starter Kit. ---- Our Signature Starter Kit includes, an Okanogan Rottweilers tote bag, 2 days' worth of Diamond Naturals Large Breed puppy food, a bag of treats and a variety of toys and goodies depending on availability.

9. Each puppy will also have an AKC puppy folder with registration papers, vaccination record, birth certificate and heath certificate.

10. We offer the best shipping option for our buyers, delivery from our home to your nearest airport! Please see our Shipping Options Page for more info.

11. We also offer Lifetime Support for every one of our buyers and puppies.

***As ambassadors of the breed, we see it as our responsibility to assist anyone needing help with a Rottweiler whether they got the dog from us or not. Feel free to reach out with questions anytime.***

Our imported breeding dogs come from ADRK standard lines and with dual registrations with their Origin Kennel Clubs and the American Kennel Club. Our dogs are all health screened for JLPP, MMM, hip and elbow dysplasia, heart murmurs and eye health ad well as DNA Profiled with the AKC. We will not breed a dog who has displayed any health issue. Because the parents of our litters are thoroughly screened before breeding and have exceptional health, we are confident that each puppy we sell will grow into a dog with the same level of health. Therefore, we offer a 5 year health guarantee against any genetic disease. 

Please feel free to check us out on Facebook to see more of what we offer with our puppies. 

Also feel free to look us up on the AKC Website too.

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