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Rottweilers 101

Learn About the Breed

Rottweilers, just like people, come with a variety of personalities that are shaped based on their environment and training. Breeding and pedigree can help determine a baseline for the desirable traits we look for in the Rottweiler. Here at Okanogan Rottweilers, we only breed dogs that have great personalities. Our dogs are friendly with strangers when we are present and protective of our home when we are gone. They are confident and comfortable in themselves and this makes a stable dog that does well at home and out in public.

The Rottweiler always makes amazing family pets as well as exceptional working dogs. They have an innate ability to protect their family and they also have a solid work ethic unmatched by any other breed. When properly socialized they are wonderful with children and very family oriented. They can be goofy and playful or they can be stoic and focused. No matter what personality traits your Rottweiler has they will love you with all their heart, as this is the most loyal breed we have ever seen!

American vs German Rottweiler?

All Rottweilers are German in origin. The only thing that makes a Rottweiler an "American" vs "German" is where they are born. All of our puppies come from parents who have imported lines within the last 3 to 4 generations. That makes them German-Americans! The bottom line is that no matter where these beauties are born, they really are the best doggos anyone could ask for!

What do you know about rotties?

Test your knowledge by checking out these links for more information on our beloved Rottweiler Breed.

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